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there is a photo of a man in a bottle next to a coke bottle with the image of rose on it
Coca-Cola Can Be Pretty Insensitive
an image of a man with green paint on his face and the caption that says, you bleed where?
the text on the phone says roses are red, the tardiss is blue they don't have doctor who? i hate you
two people are talking to each other in front of a tv screen with the caption that says, what's the doctor?
a man in a suit and tie standing next to a window with the caption, why do people just assume that aliens don't wear clothes?
the man is sitting in his car and talking to another person about what he's doing
Doctor Who Fan Art: Doctor who nerdy facts
the doctor is sitting down and making funny faces
DOCTOR WHO Funny Picture Thread | BGG
the doctor who is talking to someone in front of him and another person that is looking at