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George Barbier: Le jugement de Paris A jewel among fashion, dont you just love that image? The three graces of century.

when Jesus wills to take for himself the sweetness of giving, it would not be…

Here you see The Cambrai Madonna. this was during circa 1340 and was in the Cathedrale de Cambrai, France. I like this piece of art, due to it shows as our lesson described the non human realistic features, and the long fingers.

These two movie posters are very imply made. Both show movement because of their diagonal lines. The Batman poster is made black and white and has a very dark feeling to it. The Superman poster on the other had is bright and colorful, more inviting.

Christmas greeting card background in art deco geometric style. Good for retro parties designs. by Gorbash Varvara,.

The Opposite House Beijing Vintage Travel Stamps

Mosquito Net