Ekaterina Chaykovskaya

Ekaterina Chaykovskaya

Ekaterina Chaykovskaya
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A list of inspiring quotes about educational technology (edtech). Share and spread the great messages to fellow educators and teachers.

As we prepare to head back to school in a few weeks, I thought this list of inspiring quotes about educational technology was very relevant. My favourite: the very last one about relevancy.

Agile Expert Certified (AEC™) 180 days online course   exam

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Cable Buildup and Breakdown Infographic

If you think untangling shoelaces is complicated, it’s nothing compared to untangling and deciphering the mess of wires and cables your computer uses. Cables transfer information, and each have their own way of doing so. But which cables do what?

¿Tu vida es hackeable? #infografia

How Hackable is Your Life? you're reading this, there's 69 percent chance you will become a victim of hacking at some point in your lifetime. And if you think protecting yourself is as easy as changing a couple passwords and installing some anti-virus sof