Cabinet behind tile - could this be done in shower for soap and shampoo, etc?

Sink Positive: An after-market kit that replaces a toilet’s reservoir lid with a sink that activates when flushed. The makers are still laboring to get consumer acceptance, fighting “the ick factor” and building codes that don’t know what to make of the toilet-sink combo.

Sink Positive, a Murfreesboro-based manufacturer, makes a Japanese-inspired sink/toilet combo that conserves water. Here, the creation is displayed at The Green Wagon in East Nashville, below.

The Nova Gloss White Combined Washbasin & WC Pan features a soft close seat. Now in stock and available online from Victorian Plumbing.

Nova Combined Two-In-One Wash Basin & Toilet (500mm wide x 340mm)

Шкафчики в маленький туалет

Шкафчики в маленький туалет