The Fire's Man - Alexander Rodchenko

THE FIRE's MAN Aleksandr Mikhailovich Rodchenko (Russian was a Russian artist, sculptor, photographer and graphic designer. One of the founders of Constructivism and Russian design; he was married to the artist Varvara Stepanova.

Alexander Rodchenko KAKAO 1924

Alexandre Mikhaïlovitch Rodtchenko 1891 - 1956 Александр Михайлович Родченко Artiste russe à la fois peintre, sculpteur, photographe et designer

Alexandr Mikhailovich RODCHENKO  Cover Sketch for Journal "Lef" (Left Front), #3. 1923.

Cover design for 'Left Front of the Arts' (LEF) Journal designed by Alexander Rodchenko


Aleksandr Rodchenko, Design for an advertisement for the Mossel' prom (Moscow agricultural industry) cafeteria 1923

LEF, Alexander Rodchenko. @Deidra Brocké Wallace

1928 Russian Constructivism - Novyi Lef (New Left Front for the Arts) cover designed by Rodchenko using his own photography. Very influential with upcoming Bauhaus designers.

Novyi Lef cover designеd by Rodchenko using his own photography, 1927

Redisigned Novyi Lef cover by Rodchenko, Russian Constructivist Photography, the mechanical art for the mechanical age. The vertical panel reads Down with Bureaucracy!