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Apparently this is a cosplay, but I don't know of whom. ^•^" I don't watch enough anime.
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japan, japanese fashion, jfashion, mori girl, cute fashion, kawaii, jpop fashion - almost worth going to gym to wear over the knee socks...
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Any other HUGE Bioshock fans out there?
These Christmas Tree Brownies are SO EASY and they look adorable! Wouldn't they make a great treat to take to a Christmas party?!
Christmas is the time of giving and receiving gifts. This Christmas, don't settle for store-bought gifts, but make your own instead, let your gifts stand out from everybody else's. To give you some inspiration, we brought you 12 of the best ideas for homemade Christmas gifts, they're so easy and creative.^$To make your gifts more special, you need special wrapping for your gifts. Check out these
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