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an abstract wall sculpture made out of books
Everything made of Glass
a sculpture made out of metal on top of a cement floor in front of a concrete wall
a person standing under a colorful umbrella on top of a sandy beach next to palm trees
a woman and child are standing in front of a yellow structure that is made out of string
Pénétrable in Chicago | Jesús Rafael Soto - Arch2O.com
Courtesy: Jesús Rafael Soto
a woman walking past a multicolored wall with sticks hanging from it's sides
Happy Weekend! I’m still posting all the installations we did over the Easter weekend and this one is my fav! Talk about a statement piece…
a woman standing in front of a multicolored square sculpture on top of a green field
the cover of an architectural magazine shows a building with a pergolated roof and brick walls
textile, canopy | Arquitetura de fachadas, Portifolio arquitetura, Arquitetura
textile, canopy:
So much style in this installation! Studio, Photo Booth, Pop Up, Photo Backdrop
The Color Factory San Francisco Pop Up Museum
So much style in this installation!
a palm tree is in front of a building with an unusual design on it's roof
Foro de fotografía ElClubDigital
Muralla de Palma. Elias Torres y Martinez Lapeña
a blue structure is sitting on the side of a wooden platform with trees in the background
Exposition Dynamo - Grand Palais - Galeries nationales | L'Officiel des spectacles
Jesùs Rafael Soto, Pénétrable BBL Bleu, edition AVILA, 2007, Métal, PVC 400 x 450 x 600 cm | Collection AVILA / Atelier Soto © Adagp, Paris 2013
a building with yellow curtains on the side of it's face and lights in front of it
Project 2, 3D Line Image Gallery
Devan's 3D Design: Project 2, 3D Line Image Gallery
a person walking down a walkway in front of a building with colorful coverings on it
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Minneapolis-based street artist Hottea's installation titled Rituals. Rainbow-hued yarn strung above the pedestrian walkway of the Wiliiamsburg Bridge.: