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Собрание рисунков, картин, фотографий, скульптур и других изображений детей с книгами
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All diese Welten...Astrid Lindgren, Charles Dickens, Otfried Preußler, Tomi Ungerer...

This summer - keep them reading! Books open the imagination and make time fly. Read to your kids, and help them love books, and they'll beg to read on their own.


Monster don't have to be scary. I just love the fascination this monster shows. The Art Of Animation, Imaginism

Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema- Frederica Reijnders, 1854

Portrait of Frederika Reijnders Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (Dutch, Oil on paper. This very early work, completed at age was painted while receiving his first.

Jeune fille lisant van Gustav Adolph Hennig (1828) - Google Search

Reading girl at coffee table (Lissi) Hermann Stenner (German, Oil on canvas. In Stenner enrolled at the State Academy of Fine Arts.