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Veronica's One-of-a-Kind Mandala Bookshelf

Library Branch (Possible DIY Project) | Community Post: 20 Thoughtful Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life

Community Post: 20 Thoughtful Gifts For The Bookworm In Your Life

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unususal bookshelving

Wooden book shelves Check, that look like a check mark, are a creative, unusual and attractive design idea from Korean product designer Jongho Park

better bookshelves-hah!

cartoon by Grant Snider - I have the homemade bookshelf for now but my life dream is to have a secret one. The Babylonian one, and Tetris bookshelf appeal to me as well.

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Samulnoli’s Movement Bookcase is a cute décor addition, featuring little arms and legs that actually hug your favorite books. What a great way to show your books some love!

The Movement Bookcase by Samulnoli. Hugging your books! The Movement Bookcase includes a arrangement of bent nails which can be shaped in the form of legs and arms, acting as book holders, grabing your books!

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pin impression art shelves--wonder if we could do a big pin art display with paper towel tubes?