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an ancient statue with a quote on it
In Kushite-Kemetic Spiritual Science Itistaught That the Afrakan Is a Natchrgod However It Is Not Saying That You Are Born a God You Have to BECOME Agod It Is in the Same Way That a Seedis Potentially a Tree but It Cannot Call Itself a Tree Until It Has Dug Itself Deep Into the Rich Soil of the Earth Become Ausar to Eat of Its Nutrients and Absorb the Rainwater From Heaven and Thereby Becoming a Tree in This Same Way the Afrakan Is Potentially a God but Only if He Develops Sen Wosret II Roo Bc Himself Into One | Meme on ME.ME
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ALCOHOL- AL-KUHL Alcohol is said to have come from the Arabic term "AI-Kuhl" and “AI-Gawl" which means “Body Eating Spirit.” Perhaps this is why alcoholic drinks are called “spirits" and “boo-ze.” Drinking Alcohol is one of the fastest things you can do to lower your vibration, as it's been used as a tool to keep human consciousness at a lowered state for thousands of years. - iFunny