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Catherine Locamente

Catherine Locamente
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as i look into the dream catcher i see my dreams and they look like to me that my friends the wolves have lead me on a wonderful dream again and i say thank you so much

Shamanism is a prevalent global tradition, in which Shamans heal with the help of animal spirit guides. In America, most of us first hear about Shamans when studying Native American traditions.

Thankful for Being an American | Elders Meditation for 2010 - Native Americans and Others Wisdom of the ...

Dimension Ethics "Nature is not for us, it is part of our sacred family. Live in balance with all of nature. Tread softly on Mother Earth" - Quote from the Native American Code of Ethics, an important moral text for indigenous Americans

The Great Spirit..

Some Native Americans attribute the conception and sometimes creation of the universe to the “Great Spirit”, also called Gitchi Manitou or Wakan Tanka. Mother Earth and Father Sky or the Moon and Sun sometimes take over.