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Getting Started With Blynk: Simple DIY IoT Devices


The war in cyberspace rages on in 2014, as U.S. organizations struggle to maintain complete control of their online services. #cybersecurity #hackers

A Complete History of Cloud Computing. http://www.salesforce.com/uk/socialsuccess/cloud-computing/the-complete-history-of-cloud-computing.jsp Technology

Considering the Raspberry Pi’s a mini computer, it should come as no surprise one of the more common projects is a dashboard-style display. Over on GitHub, DIYer n0bel has a guide to turning the Pi into a smart clock.


Learn how to build an autonomous solar charging robot with Arduino http://makezine.com/2012/08/14/fijibot-an-autonomous-solar-charging-robot

Leaving Netflix in March 2017 As we head into Match and Spring is about to sprung let's look at all the titles leaving Netflix. In March we'll say goodbye to all four Jaws films Animal House Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Justice League: War (and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox) and -- well -- a lot of fluff. There's not much meat here unless you like throwback BBC TV or whatever "The Discoverers" is. Here's the full list of what's leaving Netflix in Match... Continue reading https://ww...

The Racing Drone concept is all about looking badass, and slicing through the air with absolute speed.

The path of a cyberattacker by Symantics. Download the full 2015 Internet Security Threat Report to learn more.

Raspberry Pi Zero Pimoroni Enviro pHAT Now Available From Adafruit - Geeky Gadgets

Este é um dessoldador de circuito integrado SMD, que é capaz de dessoldar um CI rapidamente sem danificar a placa de circuito impresso, usando apenas um

Infographic: Cheat Sheet On Data Exploration In Python | Data Analysis In Python

It's our 50th issue spectacular! As well as a celebratory round-up of the 50 greatest Raspberry Pi projects ever made, this month's issue of The MagPi includes features on Pixel, Raspbian's new front end; creating SD cards with Etcher; USB and Ethernet booting; and much more!

BLDC Motors vs. Brush DC Motors: Understanding the Differences:

We’ve shown off one way to build your own Amazon Echo before (or more accurately, Amazon Tap because the DIY version can’t access the always-listening feature), but if you’re looking for a different approach, the Amazon GitHub page has an incredibly detailed guide to getting the Alexa voice service up and running on a Raspberry Pi.


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