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Favolaschia calocera, commonly known as the orange pore fungus, is a species of fungus in the Mycenaceae family, found in Madagascar, New Zealand, Italy and Australia.

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The Quebrada de Humahuaca is a narrow mountain valley located in the province of Jujuy in northwest Argentina, 1,649 km (1,025 mi) north...

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Edenite is named after Edenville New York the type locality where this mineral was first described.

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In a newly published study, a team of astronomers reports observing jets of hot gas blasting out from the black hole in the center of the Phoenix Cluster and blowing large bubbles out into the surrounding plasma. The Phoenix cluster is an enormous accumulation of about 1,000 galaxies, located 5.7

Cronstedtite. Nagyborzsony, Borzsony Mountains, Pest County, Hungary

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Marasmius Rotula is a common species of Agaric fungus in the family Marasmiaceae. Widespread in the Northern Hemisphere, it is commonly known variously as the Pinwheel Mushroom, the Pinwheel Marasmius, the Little Wheel, the Collared Parachute, or the Horse Hair Fungus. The type species of the genus Marasmius, M. rotula was first described scientifically in 1772 by mycologist Giovanni Antonio Scopoli and assigned its current name in 1838 by Elias Fries.

Interior, long elongated structures are windowed stories, broken up by irregular shaped ground piece, perhaps something of nostalgic import or water feature

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CNET The Rotten Egg Nebula gets its funny nickname from a feature that would make you turn up your nose