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What do you do with a day that seems to go all wrong? Turn your day around with these quick tips to be a better mom in the small moments! Take 5 seconds to show your kids they are valued and loved in your home.

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Luxurious Hotel Suites – The Shore Club, Miami – For their penthouse, the boutique hotel offers a truly indulgent triplex rooftop apartment with two spiral staircases, an in-room sauna and stream room, and, yes, this rooftop pool. |

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Contrast!! Shooting in the end of winter [ earthy tones dead leaves] let her where something vivid to constrast with the seemingly dormant atmosphere of winter.

Workout I can easily do at home when I can't make it to the gym

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I can only hope that we don’t destroy the earth to an extent that would render air unbreathable, but it seems like it’s an approaching reality. Read Full Story at Yanko Design

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Boy Baby Shower, blue, gray, white, and black, cake, cookies, and treats, mustache

Minnie Is My Homegirl Bodysuit Baby Girl by GLITTERandGLAMshop

If you’re looking for an unexpected twist on the typical girl’s nursery, try bringing in darker colors or unexpected accents. Jackie Konczol wanted the traditional blush pinks and white for her baby’s room, but also wanted to add some non-traditional touches. By painting the walls in Naval SW 6244 and Snowbound SW 7004 and incorporating delicate copper accents, she was able to design her dream nursery.

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Look at this Disney Princess Ariel 9-Oz. Bottle - Set of Three on #zulily today!


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