1888 - Princess Zenaida & her son Felix | Detail of a photograph taken w/ both her sons, Nicholas & Felix | The Yusupov family.

This Nakoda (Assiniboine) warrior wears a feathered bonnet made from the tail feathers of eagles. These headdresses were traditionally worn by the most prominent men of the Plains. Photographed by Frank A. Rinehart, 1898.

Sucubi skull

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Afternoon dress House of Worth (French, 1858–1956) Designer: Charles Frederick Worth (French (born England), Bourne 1825–1895 Paris) Date: 1889 Culture: French Medium: silk, metal

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Today is the 51st anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. This post contains the complete audio and written transcript of JFK's "Secre...

Alexander the Great Quotes | Macedonia the ancient kingdom of Greece (Hellas) "OBAMA LEADING AMERICA, what a F'ing JOKE"!!! "FOLLOWING FROM THE FRONT, LEADING FROM BEHIND"!!! "GOD HELP US ALL"!!! More