Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/253902553/vintage-newfoundland-dog-2-watercolor

Want to know more about hummingbirds? Perky-Pet has all the facts -- Hummingbird anatomy, hummingbird fun facts, hummingbird migration, hummingbird flowers, different hummingbird species and so much more!

By PirateTinkerbell "Let Your Colors Shine On! Another edit of my favorite shot from my most recent trip to the zoo! I hope you enjoy! :)" Peacock Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium Litchfield Park, Arizona

Dragonfly* symbolizes transformation and wisdom, change and light. Dragonflies are connected to water and air, beginning life in water and magically transitioning to life on air. They are fairy like in their appearance and powerful connectors to the nature spirit world. * One of the 48 cards in the EcoHeartOracle.com - this is a brief description and not the complete oracle meaning.

.There was a time when humans had no fear of ferocious animals and they had no fear of humans. But Satan created the need for the safety of humans and animals, for Jehovah to put the fear of each other in order to protect themselves. But the original plan hasn't changed and will come again.

An afternoon at the Addo Elephant National Park near Belvedere Cottages in Port Elizabeth http://www.belvederecottages.co.za

** Between the dark and the daylight, When the night is beginning to flower, Comes a pause in the day's occupation, That is known as the Kittens' Hour. -- [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow