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A collection of how to teach kids to read, Printables: Free and Sales. Sight Words, Word Family, Blends, Digraphs and more. For contributors: if the product is…
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four different pictures with the words romping and roaring on them, including one in red
Free Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words Packs Set 7: Not, One, Red Play
Romping & Roaring Preprimer Sight Words: not, one, play, red - you have 6 pages for each sight word that work on learning the sight word different ways with reading, writing, and finding. 3Dinosaurs.com
the letters and numbers are made up of magnets to help kids learn how to use them
Must Have Short Vowel Word Family Games
Short U activities to practice CVC and CCVC words and beginning sounds at the same time! So many fun ideas for teaching reading on this site!
the cvc word book short o words is shown next to some crayons
Free CVC Word Book: CVC Short O Words Easy Reader Book Printable
Free CVC Short O Word Book: Blending Words - a simple easy reader book with blends words for CVC short O words with sounding out letters and then blends the letters to make a word. - 3Dinosaurs.com
this is an image of alphabets and numbers
Must Have Short Vowel Word Family Games
ap word family reading practice that looks like a game! Perfect for kindergarten, first grade, and even preschool kids to build their fluency skills by being detectives! The beginning sound for each picture will reveal each letter to solve the mystery!
an easy garden book with crayons and markers
Free My Garden Easy Reader Book
Free My Garden Easy Reader Book - an 8 page book with things you are grow in a garden with sight words: I, can, grow. Each page focuses on one fruit or vegetable in the garden.- 3Dinosaurs.com #easyreaderbook #freeprintable #3dinosaurs #kindergarten #firstrade
a list with the words, 100 reasons to read
100 Reasons Why Reading is Important - Natural Beach Living
100 Reasons Why Reading is Important, How you can get into a Reading Habit, If you're curious about the importance of reading, you’ll find out many reasons why it is important to read. Plus, reading to kids, reading challenges, and Great Books to Read
a printable circle and sort activity for kids to practice their spelling skills with the words
Teaching the OI and OY Sound
OI OY differentiated phonics worksheets for reading instruction and lessons
an adult and child reading a book together with the title how to get organized for guided reading
Click to see how easy my guided reading organization is with these printables for documentation and organization!
a bulletin board with pictures and words for the letter s - ess on it
Teaching Singular and Plural Nouns
Teaching Singular and Plural Nouns can really help with reading fluency! When kids learn the grammar rules for when to add s or es to end of words, they can speed through sentences a lot faster. The pictures are such a great support and I love these ideas!
cvcc ispy printable worksheet for kids
Free CVCC I Spy -LL & -CK Word Families
Free CVCC I Spy - LL & -CK Word Families - two set of pages for each ending. You have find the words andthen color the word ending - 3Dinosaurs.com #freeprintable #cvccwordfamily #cvcc #learningtoread #3dinosaurs #secondgrade #firstgrade
a notebook with the words bossyr notebooks written on it and an image of a
Phonics Fluency Notebooks
Bossy R activities to do in reading notebooks that are so fun! Kids highlight the words with R controlled vowels then order the events in a story to complete the puzzle!
children's book character crafts for kids with text overlay that reads 31 book character crafts for kids
31+ Book Character Crafts - Fun Story Book Craft Ideas Kids Love - Natural Beach Living
31+ Book Character Crafts - Fun Story Book Craft Ideas Kids Love - Natural Beach Living
free printable sight words worksheet for pre - primer and the sight word
Free Preprimer Sight Word Trace & Find the Sight Word
Free Preprimer Sight Word Trace & Dot the Word - 40 sight word for kids to work, with a no-prep printable for preprimer sight words great for kids in kindergarten and first grade - 3Dinosaurs.com #sightwords #freeprintable #preprimer #sightwordfind
sight word color the word and find the word printable worksheet for kids
Sight Word Color The Sight Word & Find the Sight Word
Sight Word Color The Word & Find the Word - with all 220 sight words for kids to work on learning. They color the word and then find the sight word. It is an easy no-prep printable for kids to use. - 3Dinosaurs.com #sightwords #sightwordfind #learningtoread #3dinosaurs #noprepprintable #kindergarten #firstgrade
a printable roll and color game for kids
Fun CVC Word Families Games
Roll and color short U words game for kids