simple diamond necklace.

Tiffany & Co. Wouldn't have to be from Tiffanys, but the perfect style. Tiffany Co, Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard


The Best Style Chanel Handbags for Working Women, ultimate guide to the hottest fashion handbags style inspiration from around the world.


London rocks!

Street Style London Fashion Week primavera verano 2013 amazing head piece but she needs some makeup!

Haute Hairstyles That Rocked The 2013 Runway: Clover Canyon's take on the ponytail gave the impression of a faux-hawk, but one that was still feminine and pretty, thanks to a soft fullness through the top.

Starbucks 3 Region Blend

Starbucks 3 Region Blend

I spotted this "Fresh and Lively" package design for Starbucks 3 Region Blend at the Union Station store in LA. After a brief reach out to our friends at Starbucks, we have an exclusive look at the design.

Parasolerie Heurtault: Parisian Handmade Artisan Umbrellas - From top, Bagatelle…

Umbrellas - Europeans have the most delightful umbrellas and many times use them to make a whimsical fashion statement - i envy those Europeans and their bloody cute umbrellas