Beekeeping Tips and Tricks

Learn the ins and outs of bee keeping. Everything a beginning beekeeper needs to know. How to get started with honey bees, make your own honey and become a…
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What do you need to know about Africanized Honeybees? Are these bees really "killer bees" or are they just misunderstood? A hybrid honey bee resulting from the mating of true African Bees to European Honey Bees -Find out more.
Learn how to split a large beehive into two colonies of bees.

Managing Honey Bee Colonies

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Interested in having a beehive ? Backyard beekeepers enjoy fresh honey and the beautiful experience of managing bees.  #beekeeping #beekeeper #howtobeabeekeeper
These summer flowers help you light up the hottest dog days of summertime. 11 all-summer blooming favorites with growing and planting tips [LEARN MORE]
Learn how to be a beekeeper with this online beekeeping class by a Master Beekeeper. Becoming a beekeepers is an attainable goal and you can produce your own honey. Carolina Honeybees

Understanding the Bees in the Hive

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How to buy honey bees? Each year beekeepers start thousands of new beehives.  These bees have to come from some where. Yes you can buy bees and there are several choices. #beehive #bees #beekeeping
How to get honey from your bee hive.  One of the joys of beekeeping is harvesting honey.  But how to do you 60,000 bees to let you harvest their extra honey .  Tips and recommendations for getting the honey from the hive to the table.  Carolina Honeybees
Beekeeping tips and tricks for beginner beekeepers. Learn how to keep bees. #beekeeping

Your Apiary

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bees in a beehive with text overlay that says foundationless bee keeping is it right for you?
The Practice of Foundationless Beekeeping- Carolina Honeybees
Foundationless Beekeeping
bees and honeybees with the words how to find your queen bee on it
How to Find the Queen Bee in Your Hive - Carolina Honeybees
Finding the Queen Bee
bees and honeycombs with the words backfilling the brood nest on top
What is Backfilling the Brood Nest? - Carolina Honeybees
Backfilling Brood Nest
a beekeeper is inspecting the bees in his hive box with text overlay that reads, beginner bee keeping
Beekeeping for Beginners 101: A Roadmap to Success- Carolina Honeybees
Beekeeping for Beginners
how to make queen candy with the text overlay that reads, how to make queen candy
How to Make Queen Candy: Beekeepers Guide - Carolina Honeybees
Making Queen Candy
a beehive with the words tips to keep new colonels from leaving
Keep Package Bees from Leaving the Hive - Carolina Honeybees
Keep Package Bees or Swarms From Leaving
a blue square with the words beeswax or plastic foundation which is best for your bees?
Choosing Beehive Foundation: Wax or Plastic?- Carolina Honeybees
Beehive Foundation
a bat flying through the air with text that reads, do bats eat bees?
Do Bats Eat Bees? - Carolina Honeybees
Do Bats Eat Bees?
a beehive in a tree with the words prime swarms and afterswans
Prime Swarms in Honey Bees - Carolina Honeybees
Prime Swarms & Afterswarms
a beekeeper holding his hands out to the camera with text overlay that reads, what is bee keeping? is it safe?
Beekeeping Safety Guidelines For Beginners- Carolina Honeybees
Beekeeping Safety
a man is working on some wood with the words building a beehive - should you?
Building Your Own Beehive
Learn the skills you need to possess if you want to build your own beehive.
a beehive with the words what is natural beekeepering written on it
Natural Beekeeping: Embracing Sustainable Practices - Carolina Honeybees
Natural Beekeeping
the queen piping book cover with bees and honeycombs
Queen Piping, Tooting & Quacking - Carolina Honeybees
Queen Piping
a yellow and black insect with the words wasps vs horrets on it
Wasps vs Hornets: Impact on Bee Colonies - Carolina Honeybees
Wasps vs Hornets
bees on a tree with the words what is a beehive? in front of it
What is a Beehive?- Carolina Honeybees
What Is A Beehive?