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crocheted grannys and yarn are on the bed next to some knitting needles
a woman sitting on top of a wooden block wearing a white shirt and black pants
Fotos: Lo nuevo de Stradivarius quiere que nos pongamos la ropa de ganchillo que ya nos hacían nuestras abuelas con el crochet tendencia más bonito y actualizado
Crochet Cardigan, Knit Crochet
a crocheted sweater next to yarn and scissors on a white wooden surface with orange, pink, yellow, green and red colors
two crocheted sweaters sitting on top of a wooden table
a white sweater with multicolored squares on it hanging from a metal rack in front of a wall
someone is holding up a crocheted baby's bib with daisies on it
a crocheted sweater hanging on a clothesline in front of a white dresser
a colorful crocheted top with ruffles on the shoulders and neckline