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p.14 Kunst Lace Square Motif Pullover pattern by Mariko Oka (岡まり子)

manta de bebé cornejo

This blanket is inspired by the bright, exciting and high-contrast graphics of comic books and American Pop Art, and Tin Can Knits designer Emily Wessel's love of polka dots in general. MMMmmmm who doesnt love a good polka dot? The Pop Blanket can be made

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Knit-Lucky 4-Leaf Afghan 12" block - my mom used to make these afghans all the time - she learned how from my grandma, but I couldn't get the pattern from either of them - now I can make it!!!

After filling six 65 gallon storage bins with yarn and fabric and realizing that I need more bins, it just might be time for another stash busting blanket project. This is a nice block. - Lucky Afghan Block Free Knit Afghan Square roundup on Moogly!

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Diana Special - D 245 Strickdeckchen - Alex Gold - „Picasa” žiniatinklio albumai