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These photographs are a few of my personal favorites. Taking an award winning photograph is going to take a small practice but taking a terrific photo for fun is not difficult to do. A wonderful photo doesn’t need to showcase …

идея для фотосесии: фото отражения в стеклах очков

in your eyes the light the heat in your eyes I am complete in your eyes I see the doorway to a thousand churches in your eyes the resolution of all the fruitless searches

Так бывает

"I keep hearing all these stupid things that I said with my stupid mouth." - Joanie by Silversage

идеи для ваших фотографий с друзьями, идеи для семейных фото, , идеи для фотографирования

† idea - photo at sunset with arms making a heart framing the sunset . print all in black and white except the sunset in color - great idea! this would make some cool pictures, & I know you could get some other great ideas from this as well.

Serge Lutens

Iekeliene Transformed Into Pure Poison Majo Fruithof jewellery collection - photography and design concept by Patrizio di Renzo

фотосессия на природе осенью

фотосессия на природе осенью

[ space helmet ]

Model Donna Mitchell in space age fashion photographed by Clive Arrowsmith.

unusual photos, bright makeup. Необычные фотосессии

Iridescently Fierce Photoshoots - Jake Farra Captures a Vibrantly Dark Beauty Story (GALLERY)