Fabulous Illustrations: Gennady Spirin - White Cat: Vintage French Fairy Tale

The White Cat (Old French fairy tale, retold by Robert D. San Souci), Page 14

kinita: "Царевна-лягушка", Геннадия Спирина

Gennady Spirin / Геннадий Спирин - The Frog Princess

Геннадий Спирин - Белая Кошка: Старинная Французская Сказка

Gennady Spirin (born 25 December is a Russian painter and children's book illustrator.

Gennady Spirin

Gennady Spirin illustrator Tale by Alexander Pushkin "Tsar Saltan"

“Simeon’s Gift”-“Подарок Симеона” Геннадий Спирин

“Simeon’s Gift”-“Подарок Симеона” Геннадий Спирин

Gennady Spirin.

Photo by Elena Shvedova