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Yak-141 "Freestyle"- The F-35B Was Born In Moscow

Back when everyone was playing nice: Russian vertical takeoff and landing, carrier borne Navy airplane, Yak 141

Sukhoi SU-37 SuperFlanker. Awesome, part of a new generation of Military jet!

A deadly serious fighter plane. I've always though the Russians designed very sleek and attractive fighter planes but I've been told its a with the Polish Air Force.

Russian amphibious plane

MChS Rossii - Russia Ministry for Emergency Situations Beriev Altair coming ashore to its home base at Gelendzhik after a dip in the Black Sea, September (Photo: Vasiliy Koba)

Russians And Their Technology

Russians And Their Technology

Funny pictures about Russians And Their Technology. Oh, and cool pics about Russians And Their Technology. Also, Russians And Their Technology photos.


Gepard is a Project Schuka-B generation nuclear-powered attack submarine. It is in service in the Northern Fleet, Submarine Division (Yagelnaya Bay, Sayda Inlet)

Russia plans to build nearly two hundred fourth generation Sukhoi Su-34 "Fullback" attack bombers, of which 16 will be delivered to the Russian Air Force in 2015. Su-34 "Fullbacks" are gradually replacing Su-24 "Fencer". Their mass production is only part of the program to modernize 70% of Russian arms by 2020.

European air forces are under modernization: Turkish Air Force with the the largest, Russian Air Force the most modern fighter jet fleet by

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Russian Tupolev Tu 160 Blackjack is a sing wing super-sonic strategic bomber. Built like a lancer but bigger.

: Sukhoï Su-30 'Flanker-C', Chasseur multirôle, construit par Sukhoï, en 1993, pour Russie

Sukhoï Su-30 'Flanker-C'

: Sukhoï 'Flanker-C', Chasseur multirôle, construit par Sukhoï, en pour Russie

Une épave d'ékranoplane | L’ékranoplane est à mi-chemin entre un avion et un bateau, conçut par les Russes pendant la guerre froide il vole à très grande vitesse  à quelques mètres au dessus de l’eau en profitant de l’effet de sol.

Une épave d'ékranoplane

Russian Lun-Class Ekranoplan (ground effect aircraft) deteriorating in a ship yard on the caspian Sea