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Yuyao residential site plan, showing units and open space.
Re-Industrial Devolution  Collective living and working spaces inspired by Sheffield’s ‘Little Mesters’ workshop typology.
Проект «Жилой район в Бескудниково». Город Москва. Автор: Алена Грузинова, студент 6 группы 4 курса кафедры «ПРОМ»
CÓMO ES UN COHOUSING. ESPACIOS LIBRES Y CONSTRUIDOS COMUNES Un #cohousing tiene espacios libres y construidos comunes acordes con la forma de vida elegida | WHAT DOES A COHOUSING LOOK LIKE. COMMON FREE AND BUILT SPACES Wide #common spaces are representative of cohousing’s own nature and make it clearly different from other housing options.
Проект планировки микрорайона №7 города Кингисеппа Ленинградской области
416-420 Kent by ODA in Brooklyn, New York, USA residential apartment block architecture, irregularly stacked boxes
Gallery of LEVS Architecten Infuse "Dutch Approach" in New Residential Area in Russia - 7
glass link between bldgs
Bagrati, Cathedral Georgia | Unesco Heritage site
Shoreham Street by Project Orange