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Electric Bass SR - SR370 | Ibanez guitars

Strum Away With These Simple Guitar Tips. If you've ever been moved by the music of a skilled guitar player, you're not alone. The beautiful guitar has gotten many people interested in learning how

T-Rex The Sweeper Bass Chorus USED

We buy and sell new, used, and vintage electric guitars every day.

Мой рок-н-ролл | Второй сезон. Седьмая серия

Мой рок-н-ролл | Второй сезон. Седьмая серия

Fender Jaguar Electric Bass Guitar Black | Rainbow Guitars

Tried one out when it was first launched years ago. Was surprised at the tone versatility and I love the vintage settings and exterior. If I wanted a short-scale bass, this would be first choice. Good price for MIJ too! But this isn't a short scale bass.

Reverend - Dub King Bass Electric Guitar - Rock Orange and more 4 String Electric Basses At Cascio Interstate Music

The Dub King produces the thick, deep tone you’d expect from a short scale neck and semi-hollow body. But unlike most basses of this type, it has excellen