Ажурные узоры спицами


Lace Knitting pattern, so similar to the Novembernebel shawl border (yes I thin…

Celtic Motif (knot #79) pattern by Devorgilla's Knitting (sometimes...) (1.50 EUR)

Celtic Motif (knot #79) pattern by Devorgilla's Knitting (sometimes...)

Japanese Waves Rectangular Shawl ~ beautiful stitch ~ free pattern on Ravelry.com

Japanese Waves Rectangle Shawl by Monique Boonstra - free pattern, designer says this is for the beginner lace knitter.

Узор в Вашу копилку. - Вязание крючком и спицами - Группы Мой Мир

Узор в Вашу копилку.

Celtic Motif (#19) Pattern

Celtic Motif (knot #19) pattern by Devorgilla's Knitting (sometimes...)

Ravelry: Celtic Motif (knot pattern by Devorgilla's Knitting (sometimes.

http://www.stranamam.ru/post/7816746/ beautiful pattern of Crossed Loops stitch.  Page is full of other patterns which are very beautiful, but alas no instructions or graphics.  I believe it is a Russian site.

Crossed Loops (traveling stitches) knitting pattern with graph // for a cowl?

Ravelry: Seafoam Scarf by Joan Janes

Scarf knitting pattern (free) on Ravelry -- nice combination of the wrap-and-drop stitch with a varigated yarn that switches colors every few inches. This is a deceptively simple stitch, i

Add a lace border to your knitting.  Free pattern for vandyke Border.

Lace Knitting: Borders

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Узоры спицами

What a nice stitch! When reading a chart, an "o" is a yarn over, the "squiggle" is a "Ktbl", and the one that looks like a Y laying down is "SSK".