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some character sketches for the upcoming video game
a person standing in a dark room next to a window with blue eyes and an evil looking face
Gojo & Nanami | @todo269 on tw D:
▻ #呪術廻戦 #JujutsuKaisen
an anime character with long black hair and skeleton bones
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an anime character with long black hair and brown eyes, standing in front of other characters
three anime characters with long black hair and purple outfits, one holding a flower in her hand
an abstract black and white background with horizontal lines in the center, overlayed by dark gray paint
Bracelet 2/2
two anime characters with long hair holding swords
Pokémon, Anime Girl, Manga Anime Girl, Dark Anime Guys
an anime character with long blonde hair and glasses holding a knife in one hand while standing next to another
@oyakorodesu on Twitter
mechanic kaveh again but hair up
an anime storyboard with many different scenes
Мини-маньхуа: «Под дождем» по 187 и 188 главе. 18+
two people sitting on a couch with pillows in the shape of their heads and arms
Handsome Anime, Gaara, Naruto, Anime Drawings
a man sitting on top of a white motorcycle