Dmitry Baltermants - Lenin Mausoleum Moscova

Dmitry Baltermants Line at Lenin’s Tomb I've been in Lenins Tomb in the line is still amazingly long.

1963 Gregory Sukhov lleva su oso mascota de Mickey a dar un paseo en Moscú.  (A través de vintagegal)

blackandwtf: 1963 Gregory Sukhov takes his pet bear Mickey for a walk in Moscow. (via vintagegal)

A celebration in Red Square in honor of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space, 1961.

National Proposal Day: Patti Stanger Judges 7 Viral Engagements

A crowd celebrating in Red Square in honor of astronaut Yuri Gagarin, Moscow, Russia, April 1961 // James Whitmore

Улица Петровка

Улица Петровка