Camo Camp, Hunt, and Accessories

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This easy-to-cut, adhesive-free camouflage tape protects and conceals weapons, cameras, binoculars, flashlights, and other gear while out in the bush. Heavy duty stretch fabric wraps around your equipment and clings to itself, conforming to any shape. It not only protects your gear, it also improves your grip and insulates your hands.
Let your pooch look as trendy and fashionable as you with this canvas camoflauge coat. With fleece lining, this jacket is perfect for the furry fellow who doesn't care for cooler temperatures or just when you want your dog to be as cool as you.
This large, multifunctional blanket is an ideal addition to your outdoor life. Measuring 6 X 5 feet, this blanket is large enough for picnicing at the park and resiliant enought to use while camping. Made of heavy-duty, PE material, this blanket is heat-resistant, easy to clean, water and sand resistant, and folds up into a small pouch for easy transport in your large rucksack or with the convenient carry handle. Layers of high quality PE material also add extra sitting comfort, meeting your…
Your dog will look as fetching as his master in this camo-styled collar with quick release and convenient handle. Can be adjusted for medium to large dogs.
he Bakari tactical belt pouch and accessory bag is a great small bag for tools, a first aid kit, survival gear, tech gear, and more. The main bag measures 6.5 x 4.5 X 2.7 inches and attaches easily to your belt or larger pack with two, heavy-duty nylon straps. The front of the bag features nylon loops for MOLLE accessories and a velcro patch.
Our camoflage field netting lets you remain out-of-sight while observing the world -- and people -- around you. Use on the battlefield, in the bush, or simply in your own yard to keep certain items hidden. This large netting measure 13 feet X 6.5 feet, making it a versatile solution to your needs.
This two-person tent is ideal for a night in the bush, on the beach, or even under the stars in your own backyard. It only takes a minute to set up and fold down, so it's an excellent choice for the novice or veteren outdoorsman. You can feel safe knowing there will be no tears or sun damage in the high-density, UV resistant fabric and you'll be comfortable sleeping above the waterproof ground sheet. When you're planning a camp-out, what more do you need?
This light-weight sleeping bag is perfect for Spring or Autum camp-outs in the bush and is even waterproof, so those seasonal rains shouldn't give you any trouble. Though it packs small in it's own duffel, this sleeping bag leaves you ample room to stretch out and a hood gives you just a bit more warmth if the temperature drops unexpectedly. You will walk without the weight of a heavy bag and sleep in comfort with our Odell sleeping bag wrapped around you.
n the heat of battle, it is necessary for soldiers to stay cool and hydrated. This Army-styled canteen is a tough and tactical addition to your military gear. The plastic canteen is a military standard 1 liter capacity and the cloth case ensures your water is kept cool and bottle is secure. The cap is secured with a plastic collar, making it impossible to lose and the insulated cover has a metal ring so you can attach to your pack. A simple canteen fitting for any survival or camping kit.