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Lelije by modliszqa - “Where there is anger, apply loving kindness. Where there is stinginess, be generous.

Thomas W. Schaller, Watercolor

dawes bridge 1 by Thomas W. Schaller Watercolor ~ 30 inches x 22 inches. Watercolour, so soft and so fine in subtle hues.

Moudru Marie-Claire

A radiant painting.Michela # Moudru Marie-Claire - me its clutches without mercy.neither was it demanded.

Claire Schroeven Verbiest

Claire Schroeven Verbiest, painter - She seemed to really enjoy paintings or other art work that featured flowers.

#Magnolias in #watercolor #botanical #botanicalart

Heidi Willis Magnolia Botanical Illustration The colours in this Magnolia Botanical Study are delicate and feminine, the composition elegant while the element of yellow lichen adds interest and texture Más

Watercolor Painting of Pink Hydrangea by Doris Joa - Work in Progress

Pink Hydrangea Painting in watercolor