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a close up of a statue with blue eyes
Marti Pell, Tomàs Barceló
ArtStation - Marti Pell, Tomàs Barceló
an old photo of three busturines with faces on top of each other, in black and white
an ancient statue is featured on the front cover of this magazine, which features a woman's head with flowers in her hair
a sculpture of a man's head is shown against a gray background, with his eyes closed
Wilhelm Lehmbruck
a statue of a man's head is shown in the middle of a room
a statue of a man holding a bird in his hand and another sculpture behind him
an abstract photograph of a white horse's head with brown and tan lines on it
Fractured Angelics Collection
an image of a woman dressed in white with horns on her head and hands behind her back
#绘画参考# 人偶,辻村寿三郎 1978 ... 来自全是绘画素材 - 微博
#绘画参考# 人偶,辻村寿三郎 1978 ... 来自全是绘画素材 - 微博
an old mannequin with wings on top of it's head and body
Fractured Angelics Collection
three metal sculptures made to look like people with arms outstretched and legs crossed, standing in front of a white wall
laurence edwards willow figures
a statue of a woman sitting in front of a house with a creepy look on her face
Prints of “Vestiges” still available in my Etsy shop, DalvaArt. Link in my profile! #prints #giclée #jessicadalva #sculpture #etsy…
a clear plastic head is shown against a white background with the image of a man's face
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