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Снуд спицами iki renkli çok güzel boyunluk atkı kaşkol örneği
Knitted hat and mittens
Triple Z - Z hat, Z cowl & Z ears. One pattern makes them all – and they are one in the same. Knit on the bias using a long color stripe yarn, the design looks complex but is truly simple. Z hat may be worn as a beanie or slouchy style hat.
Шапка женская вязаная спицами
Стильное пончо спицами | Вязание крючком и спицами | вязание | Постила
Quel charme!
This is unaccountably satisfying. It should be boring, but it really really really isn't. Tacit pattern...link to Ravelry
Free Slouch Hat Knitting Patterns | Hand knit hat - Navy hat, slouchy hat, cable pattern hat | maxmelody ...
Can this be done by crochet onto a net or a cotton grid? Anyway it is lovely! http://purlonpearl.tumblr.com/post/45513296930.