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Релаксационные джедаи [изображение] Вообще Кенан на своих раннепадаванских скетчах такой ути-пути, хочется взять за щечки и потрясти. Саске мне чем-то напоминает, такой же готичный фукусюся - вр... — It's there my demons hide

Marvel Comics has unveiled the covers and descriptions for its May line-up of Star Wars comics in Star Wars Star Wars: Darth Vader Star Wars: Princess Leia and Star Wars: Kanan: The Last Padawan and you can check them out here…

Clones in Combat | Publications source unknown please send credits info to Optimystique1 thanks.

Got to work with the lovely and their clone OC’s (Nine + Eleven) again - this time having a shootout near the bottom of Coruscant. COMMISSION - nine and eleven