Cute hare!

cute knitted plushie toy hare, can make from repurposed mohair sweaters

Loving moose on Behance

Little mooses can be great friends for kids and adults.They are kind,cheeful and love everything newThey like to travel very much, so you can be always together.

with black canvas & white paint

This is a great idea for any sort of DIY artwork: trace a simple graphic onto three canvases, and paint. So much more esthetically pleasing than if you were to just trace and paint onto one canvas. Plus i love the whale idea for a little boy room :)

White rabbit in blue underpants

White rabbit in blue underpants, NOT free, just delightful for me to ogle and inspire xox

by MarLitoys on Etsy

by MarLitoys on Etsy - inspiration for photographing dolls.