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a painting of a pot with some stuff in it and a bottle next to it
Ritual Preparations by OlgaDrebas on DeviantArt
Ritual Preparations by OlgaDrebas.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
three different types of artichokes with green stems and purple flowers on them
This particular flora is actually a fantastic fruit for you to add to your game! [OC] [ART]
a blue heart shaped perfume bottle with chains hanging from it's sides on a black background
Magic potion, Maria Kravchenina
Duality potion, roll a d6, you get that many copies of yourself, once hit, a copy disappears. Lasts 1 hour.
a glass bottle with an orange liquid in it and a golden sun on the top
a blue glass bottle with a green liquid inside and a tag hanging from it's side
Potion Bottle , Hannah Manalang
a glass bottle with some liquid in it