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Psyche - Character modeling studies (Part 3) - Autodesk Community

This is the third stage of my character modeling studies, the Leg and the Foot. Building a convincingly looking low-poly knee is not an easy task.

WWR, Petr Morozoff on ArtStation at

Fantastic new science fiction themed works from Petr Morozoff, a digital illustrator and concept artist based in Russia.

Space Pirates, Benjamin Ee on ArtStation at

jpg So I was willing to take a bit of a break from Angels and traditional fantasy to work on these little drawings I made in my sketchbook a month or so ago. The idea was essentially the.

Centurion  by Adrian Wilkins on ArtStation.

Above & Beyond is a little project I've been stiring up over the past few days. Exploring the Steampunk theme mixed with Airships and trans atlantic trading. Names in order of the Images Liana aka Lily Cornel Methew Frederic Delilah Gus Richard