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Step by Step Braided Hair Tutorials To Copy This Spring

Step by Step Braided Hair Tutorials To Copy This Spring kardashian braid

non 4 blondes by Fukari on deviantART

Blonde types stereotype or personality?

party by Fukari on DeviantArt

party by Fukari character design referance

christmas lights by Fukari on DeviantArt

merry christmas everyone or not "christmas" but any other special days or even not special but still. hope you all will have a good time c: /pencil lines + PS colors

witches road by Fukari on deviantART

Witch / Strega - Art by Fukari on deviantART

the sun goes down by Fukari on DeviantArt

the sun goes down by Fukari on DeviantArt. I love this art style!

swinging by on @DeviantArt

commission for FurriesX it was quite challenging commission - FurriesX asked me to design a trans OC for her. Back in times when all my characters had the same face and bodytype I had trans OC Mali.

watercolor doodles by Fukari on DeviantArt

some doodles from my sketchbook about last one - IT WILL BE MY LIFE SOON! :UUU I'm adopting sphynx girl next week c: so I'll have a sassy fluffy lady an.

squirrel by on @DeviantArt

* background story: Vadera (blond one) is ex gf of George (guy at the top) G and Franka (pink hair) are friends, spend some time together what makes V jealous. Offelia is Fra.

A step by step tutorial on how to draw braids on sumopaint.

Simple steps to draw braid ~ Tutorial by Kaja Nijssen