there's not really a good reason, but i love this. also, when you zoom out and look at the whole set, it kind of looks like a suit.

The Ultimate Proper Fitting Suits Guide For Men

How A Man's Suit Should Fit - Visual Suit Fit Guide - Proper Fitting Suits Chart Men's Fashion


Pattern adjustments for bandy legs or knock knees - the original is in ? Russian so I am purely speculating here. Adjustments are in the side seam! Initially I thought they were the wrong way round.anyhow, I thought it was very useful!



This is a clear and informative diagram of the interior of a suit jacket. It is useful, because it tells me where to add horse hair, pat stitching, twill tape.

Влажно-тепловая обработка брюк - Форум

Влажно-тепловая обработка брюк - Форум