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rubble around Hannelore's place- like seeing second damaged wall through the door- something based on this idea next to Hannelore's space USC not as Hannelore's space

Abandoned: Lillesden School for Girls, Kent, South East, England . oh, i really want to step through that doorway .


Derelict Door with Bike; Who was the last person to ride this bike, and why did they leave it there?

i would be terrified to explore this, but I like how the door opens to a room AND a tricky stairway.

old house interior- so tantalizing! I would love to have a look thru this old house!

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What a wonderful room this must have been.

Just above the sink I want a large round window.LARGE---HUGE---Giiiii-GAN-TIC round window above the sink. From top of the sink to top of the ceiling "large".