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Getting Started

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Rumors are Bad for Photography and I'm Tired of Pretending They're Not | PetaPixel
7 Camera Settings You Should Change Immediately - Digital Photo


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Outsmart your iPhone camera's overzealous AI | Popular Photography
How to master Photographic Styles on your iPhone camera | TechRadar
5 Steps to Better Smartphone Photography

Phone cameras

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The Best 70-200mm Zoom Lenses - Outdoor Photographer
How the fisheye lens became a staple of the music industry
Best wide angle lenses of 2022 | Popular Photography


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Why beginner photographers don't need these...
[ARTICLE] Click Here To Read More
Why Use a Lens Hood?


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Panning: Capture Motion Blur and Keep your Subject in Focus :: Digital Photo Secrets
How to Do Panning Shots of Bicycles

Controls: Shutter Speed

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Aperture is the opening of the lens which allows the light to pass into the camera. It also controls how much of the photo is in focus by affecting DoF.
Why You Should Be Using Aperture Priority Mode
Understanding the Sunny 16 Rule

Controls: Aperture

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How ISO Works in Digital Photography
Extended ISO: When to Use It and Why
A Guide to Understanding ISO in Photography

Controls: ISO

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A to Z of Photography: Exposure and Harold Edgerton | Fstoppers
What is Exposure Value (EV) in Photography

Controls: Exposure in General

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Tutorial: Back Button Focus to Speed Up Your Photography
How Focal Length Can Dramatically Change Portraits - Digital Photo
Depth of Field: A Major Player in Creative Control

Controls: Focus & Depth of Field

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Focal Points: The Smallest Important Elements in a Photo
Vignetting in Photography & Film: How to Use It - 42West


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The Physics of Light and Color - Color Temperature | Olympus LS
Kelvin Color Temperature Chart | Lighting Color Scale at Lumens


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Balancing Strobes with Natural Window Light for Photos
7 Types of Lighting in Portrait Photography | PetaPixel
How to Set Up a Simple Photography Studio

Flash & Studio Light

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Using Color to Create Strong Photo Compositions
Goethe’s Colorful & Abstract Illustrations for His 1810 Treatise, Theory of Colors: Scans of the First Edition | Open Culture


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Photographer Shares Her Most Outrageous Photoshop Requests | PetaPixel
How to Turbocharge Your Photography Workflow | PetaPixel
Exposure Blending: 7 Critical Mistakes to Avoid


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Turn a Small Image Into a 50MP RAW File in Lightroom with One Click - Digital Photo Pro

Digital Details

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How to travel with a film camera | Popular Photography
How to fly with film | Popular Photography
5 reasons you should develop your own film | Popular Photography


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You Are Still a Photographer, Even If No One Likes Your Images | PetaPixel

Eye & Mind: Mindset

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Powerful Final Photos Challenge What 'Suicidal' Looks Like | PetaPixel
Health Benefits of Practicing Photography
How Making Art Helps Improve Mental Health | Science| Smithsonian Magazine

Eye & Mind: Wellness

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AI Tool Reveals How Celebrities' Faces Have Been Photoshopped | PetaPixel
Photography Website Bans AI-Generated Images From its Platform | PetaPixel
When does inspiration become plagiarism? | Popular Photography

Ethics: Professional Conduct

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6 Ways to Empower Women through Photography - Digital Photo
Photographer helps women reinvent themselves through divorce photography
Why We Commend World Press Photo for Its efforts in Diversity

Ethics: Race & Gender

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Shooting Photos: Should the Term Change for Photographers?
Gordon Parks’ vision of America | Apollo Magazine

Ethics: Social Change

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Supreme Court sides against Andy Warhol Foundation in copyright case : NPR
The Copyright Claims Board (CCB) has issued its first final decision since it was established by law in December 2020, finding in favor of a photographer who claimed a lawyer infringed his copyright by displaying one of his photographs on his law firm website.


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The First Photograph Ever Taken (1826) | Open Culture
A Rare Horse-Drawn 19th-Century Photography Studio Is Up For Auction | PetaPixel
Mirrors with Memory: The Magic of Daguerreotypes | The Art Institute of Chicago


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HOME | Kristi Odom Photo
Anne Geddes: The Queen of Baby Photography | PetaPixel
Scammers are constantly hunting for gullible photographers to steal money from. Here are red flags you should look out for to avoid them.


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