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A great step by step on how to make Smoked Salmon and Brine Recipe. You'll never need purchase store bought smoked salmon again!
Learn How To Build A Smokehouse With This Awesome Project! from Smoking Meat Forum user Nick from Texas,
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Texas Style BBQ Dry Rub. This sweet and spicy dry rub is perfect for all your grilling and BBQ needs! The sweet brown sugar mingled with the spicy chili powder gives the best of both worlds. This rub is perfect for steaks, chicken, pork, anything you desire!
A versatile summer spice dry rub that seasons anything on the grill or in the backyard smoker. For ribs, chicken, burgers, pulled pork, brisket...anything!
Smoked Pork Loin with Summer Spice Dry Rub - tender, juicy, thinly sliced, smoky pork with a tasty blend of herbs & spices. Makes delicious cold cuts too.
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How to Make an Easy Beer n' Butter Poultry Injection: Beer n Butter Poultry Injection