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a birthday cake decorated with pink and blue icing, skulls, cupcakes, and toys
100 Amazing Celebration Cakes For All Occasions
A good party deserves a celebration cake, don’t you agree? Think of a party that celebrates the special day of your kid. Was it ever without a cake? It...
a cat cake sitting on top of a wooden table next to plates and napkins
Happy How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Jettson! on govictoria blog
Happy How To Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Jettson! on govictoria blog
vegan mooncake recipe on a colorful plate
Vegan Mooncake Recipe (純素月餅)
Enjoy a traditional yet plant-based treat with this Vegan Mooncake Recipe (純素月餅). The dough is crafted from cake flour, alkaline water, vegetable oil, and golden syrup, creating a perfectly smooth texture. Fill these mooncakes with rich lotus paste or red bean paste for a classic flavor. Finish with a golden syrup glaze, a pinch of salt, and water to achieve that perfect shine. Ideal for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, these vegan mooncakes are a delightful addition to any celebration. #mooncakes #mooncakefestival #midautumnfestival #mooncakerecipe #essycooks
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two pieces of cake sitting on plates next to each other and one slice is missing
Matcha and Red Bean Genoise Cake
a blue birthday cake decorated with an octopus and jellyfish design on it's side
A classic choice, vanilla cakes are light and have a subtle vanilla flavor.
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a pink cake with two green frogs sitting on it's top and flowers around the edges
Make Your Day