Janod Vespa-Inspired Balance Bike

Hip Kids Vespa Scooter an ideal first learning bike for developing your child's sense of balance and motor skills. Its a 10 inch Balance Bike making it the smallest bike in our range

Teach your tot how to ride a bike by first teaching them balance on this baby: Bennett Balance Bike available at Anthropologie. Made in USA

Quiero una y ya. Bennett Bike by Michael Salvatore - good stuff, and this cool bike is named after his son. A Xmas dream for toddlers.

Natural Pushbike with foot-pegs provides a great starting point for children not ready yet for the conventional two-wheeled bicycle

Kinderfeets is a wooden balance bike alternative to training wheels that comes in six different chalkboard finish colors or a natural finish. It provides a great starting point for children preparing to ride a conventional two-wheeled bicycle.

Recommended for kids 2 to 6, this balance bike was made in collaboration with Loll Designs and handcrafted USA-made bicycle manufacturer, Heritage Bicycles.

Bennett Balance Bike-Recycled Milk Jug by Heritage Littles // via: mother mag

Mocka Police Bike

Let your aspiring police officer practise their skills on this awesome Mocka Police Balance Bike which is great for learning balance and co-ordination.

Balance bikes are a great way of teaching children balance and co-ordination in preparation for a real bike. In fact, the experience with the balance bike often means that moving to a normal bike can be more straightforward, without the need for stabi

Balance Bike - The Woodworkers Institute - free plans - Patterns and step by step Instructions