Брижанова Анастасия

Брижанова Анастасия

Брижанова Анастасия
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2016 Zodiac Dragons Virgo by The-SixthLeafClover.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Zodiac Dragons Website Virgo - The Virgin“Pure Visions of Zodiac Dragon Virgo”A sky halo forms atop the Virgo Dragon as it create a brightly lit sky aurora. In turn, the brilliance cast.

this is one pretty cool anime dragon. why is he pink I will never know?

Well, now, I've had a pink Dragon rattling about in my head, begging to be included in this world.but I didn't know how anyone could take a PINK Dragon seriously. *Edit* This is Corunda, the pink Fire-dragoness

“Sometimes we think that to develop an open heart, to be truly loving and compassionate, means that we need to be passive, to allow others to abuse us, to smile and let anyone do what they want with us. Yet this is not what is meant by compassion. Quite the contrary. Compassion is not at all weak. It is the strength that arises out of seeing the true nature of suffering in the world.

she approached a dragon incorrectly she did not hold out her hands and she did not put down her weapon. if i were the dragon i would have burned her to a crisp for showing me such disrespect. learn manners to dragons.

@дневники — Monitor Duty, Spoiler online

spassundspiele: “ Dragon first flight - fantasy concecpt by Julien Gauthier ”

Раскраски антистресс, арт, вдохновение, хобби ;)

He was super sad looking, so I thought I'd update him to more accurately reflect my current outlook on life.

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