Checkerboard scarf by Phazelia

Checkerboard scarf knitting pattern by Phazelia. The brioche stitch/garter stitch squares create a warm and interesting fabric. (can see this pattern as a quilt og bedspread to)

Chinese waves stitch

Chinese waves stitch co any odd number of stitches Row Knit across (this is the right side) Row Slip repeat between * across, ending Row Knit across Row *Slip repeat between * until 3 stitches remain, Slip by SONIA FERNANDA G.

Dropped-and-Found-Making-the-Chains - free pattern for wrap scarf - very clever!

Free scarf knitting pattern including instructions for dropping stitches and reworking them to create this effect.

Quick Tip for Joining Binding Strips Perfectly - {}

How to Join Binding Strips Perfectly This week I'm making some skinny binding to use in a special project with the paper pieced sewing machine. There are some fun paper pieced projects out there, but the ways you might traditionally.

Knitting Patterns: Ribbed cable stitch pattern

Knitting Patterns for the beginner or the advanced knitter: Ribbed cable knit stitch pattern

Французская мозаика от Кашарель, свитер и платье спицами.

Французская мозаика от Кашарель, свитер и платье спицами.

machine knitting techniques - Google Search

This could be replicated in hand by dropping a batch of stitches to a point previously secured and then using a crochet hook to pick up one big stitch using 3 strands at a time.