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What an interesting rustic kitchen. There's something about this I love!

Love the chalkboard in the kitchen idea. I have the chalkboard.and it needs to be moved.but wall space is nil. I'll have to wait 'til the living room becomes the dining room and we expand out the front of the house.

Handmade wooden trivet with branch detail wood by studiowetwo,

Handmade wooden trivet with branch detail, the board is in the shape of heart. The wooden trivet was made with care from reused wood and covered with

SOLID WALNUT WOOD Board  Teardrop Medium by Dominikwoods on Etsy, $89.00

Handmade wooden cutting boards double as striking serving platters for a modern rustic table setting. Fornaciari Koens you should show these to horizons woodworking

reclaimed wood island; how to distress pine to look like reclaimed wood

Mason Ball Jar Light and Rustic Island. I really like the look of this island. I'm not sure if I like it enough to have in my own kitchen, though. Feels really warm and inviting.