Kholui Russian Lacquer Box Swan Lake

Kholui Russian Lacquer Box #3361 SWAN LAKE

The Wild Swans or Kholui Russian Lacquer Box Swan Lake

Федоскино, лаковая миниатюра.

Russian lacquer miniature from the village of Fedoskino. Snegurochka (a kind of Snow Maiden) with her friends – a hare and a squirrel.

Лаковая миниатюра, Холуй.

Russian Lacquer box Kholui " Snow Maiden and Squirrels " miniature Hand Painted

Михаил Саморезов «Сказки» | "Картинки и разговоры"

Михаил Саморезов «Сказки» | "Картинки и разговоры"

Is undoing unknots as simple a narratvive as the dualis deduction of fables? Pure of heart Snow White vs corrupt W(b)itch in Black? or an intractable tautology to be transcended with grace ? | Spinning wheel-decoration of the traditional home

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Галерея - Категория: Миниатюра

Галерея - Категория: Миниатюра