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a painting of a naked woman with red hair
Otto Dix (1891-1969) was een Duitse schilder en graficus. Hij doorliep gedurende de periode 1910-1933 verschillende belangrijke moderne kunststromingen zoals het expressionisme, Nieuwe Zakelijkheid. In de jaren '20 groeide zijn aversie tegen de heersende clichés uit tot een sarcasme waarmee hij de burgerij op de kast joeg. Hij wilde in zijn werken de wantoestanden in de samenleving aan de kaak stellen en het lelijke tonen, dat de nette burgers liever niet zagen.
a painting of people walking down the street with umbrellas in their hands and one man holding a cane
Image - III. L'expansion à d'autres artistes. A) Nouvelle Objectivité
Otto Dix
a painting of a man being held up by another man with blood on his face
Analysis of Otto Dix’s Six Works (“French Couple” – 1925, “Sailor and Girl” – 1925, “Remembering the Halls of Mirrors in Brussels” – 1920, “Exotic Brothel” – 1922, “Children at Play” – 1929, and “Pimp and Girl” (1923) – Otto Dix’s Typically-exotic Couples
Otto Dix, “Sailor and Girl”, 1925
an image of a man with food on his face
Otto Dix: Wounded Veteren 1922
an abstract painting of people in red and blue colors, with one man wearing a suit
History of Art: George Grosz
History of Art: George Grosz
an old painting shows two men in uniforms and one is holding a flag
Dada et dadaïsme : Berlin
George Grosz : Man of Opinion Dada et dadaïsme : Berlin
two women in costumes standing next to each other
Otto Dix - Dedicated to Sadists, 1922 Recommended by RAFO, Galleria Morcote & swissartgroup
an abstract painting with many different shapes and sizes, including the woman's torso
this isn't happiness.
Berlin in the 20s, George Grosz
a painting of a woman holding a baby in her arms and looking at the camera
Lilith's Place
Mother and Child - Otto Dix (1891–1969)
a painting of two people on the floor with one being injured by another person who is laying down
Arte Excéntrico
Enrico Robusti Arte Excéntrico
a painting of a man in a sailor's outfit with an american flag on his chest
Catalog Paintings - Otto Dix
Otto Dix - Adiós a Hamburgo - Marineros con permiso en búsqueda de placer a lo largo de la zona roja en donde encontraron burdeles y prostitutas en abundancia
a painting of a woman wearing a yellow hat and fur coat with flowers in the background
Otto Dix - 129 artworks - painting
Otto Dix - "Ellis"
Christian Schad ''Sonja'' 1928 Neue Sachlichkeit Christians, Fictional Characters, Instagram, Christian, Chad, Christianity, Joker, Character
Christian Schad - Freunde der Nationalgalerie
Christian Schad ''Sonja'' 1928 Neue Sachlichkeit
a painting of a woman in a red dress with her hands on her hips,
Anita Berber portrait by Otto Dix, 1925
a painting of a man sitting on top of a chair in front of a clock
Expressionismus in Deutschland
Otto Dix, Portrait of Dr. Mayer-Hermann, 1926