Арт, jupiter and juno, планета, гигант, юпитер, космос

Jupiter and Juno by Anatoly Muschenko [OS] (x-post from /r/ImaginaryStarscapes).

Планета, газовый гигант, юпитер, спутник

A composite Cassini image of Jupiter. You can see the massive red spot in it's lower hemisphere along with a small black dot on the left, which is Europa, one of Jupiter's 62 moons.

Jupiter, the giant planet, астероиды, звезды, юпитер

Once-Wild Jupiter could have Destroyed Super Earths in Our Solar System

Gaz giant, jupiter, планета, юпитер, спутники

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Юнона, зонд, юпитер

This 2010 artist's rendering depicts NASA's Juno spacecraft with Jupiter in the background. NASA's Jupiter-bound spacecraft will swing by Ea.